Merry Christmas Everyone! New Music- Free Download Available 

I love Christmas.  I always have.  There is just something blessed about a time of year when the whole world is focused on what is truly important in life.  As I contemplated the musical offering I could give this year, my thoughts were drawn to a part of the Christmas story that is probably one of my favorites.  I have always loved the account of Mary's visit from the angel Gabriel, announcing that she would be the mother of the Savior.  I am amazed at her humble resolve to do all that was asked of her, without question, and without reservation.  No less inspiring, is Joseph's humble acceptance of this same Heavenly messenger, sent to assure him of his part in this great blessing. How terrifyingly humbling this calling must have been for both of them, and yet, the reply "be it unto me..."  Amazing. Beautiful. Inspiring.  May we all have the faith to receive Him as they did.  I am so grateful for their example and for the life and mission of my Savior and yours, Jesus Christ.  I testify that He did live, born of Mary, Son of God, and that He lives today, and that He loves and cares for every one of us, and that He stands ready to receive all who will come unto Him.   Please enjoy a free download of "Stay" as my gift to you. Merry Christmas everyone.