New Music Available!

Hello Friends!  It took me long enough, but I finally did it!  I got my website updated and I have a lot of exciting things to share with you.  First and foremost:


Go to my Music tab and check out my New Music selection.
 "He Will Bring Me Up" is one of my very favorites and very timely for so many who rely on the Lord daily for hope that regardless of the trials and tests life brings, He will bring them up again.  I testify that He will.
"Who I Am" is a Young Women's piece, written for our Stake Girl's Camp theme this summer.  It was a favorite of the girls, so I am excited to share it with you.  Two versions are posted.  A basic choral version, and a version with a little bit of a kick, from some added percussion.

While you are there, click on the link for the latest project my music is featured on-- "Unexpected", a newly released complilation album featuring a, well, unexpected, mix of music from LDS artists from many different genres.  Two of my songs are featured, "Temple Lights", which has already been featured on my website, and "Be Not Moved" which is brand new for the album. (an unmastered version of Be Not Moved is posted in my New Music section so you can get a sneak peak)  CDs and downloads are available on CDBaby as well in my own online Store.

I have also added a link to the album "Faith, Hope, and Love", a compilation album by Nancy DeMello, which features "A Light Set On A Hill".  Please click this link as well and check out the beautiful music on this project as well.

I am excited to get even more new music in your hands and hope to be back at it very soon.  Until then, I wish for you a Merry Christmas and an amazing year to come. 
Charlotte Ducos